Back to School Basics for Students with Learning Disabilities

While many of us are still enjoying our summer poolside, spending time with family and friends and basking in the great weather, back to school season is inevitably upon us. Returning to the classroom can be quite the adjustment for any student just back from vacation mode – particularly those students with a learning disability.

While entering another school year may be daunting at first, it’s another opportunity to refine and assess how you approach school-related issues. Transitioning a child who has a learning disability into school mode doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Establishing a Routine

The earlier your back to school routine is established, the better. Communicate your expectations clearly with your child – from getting ready in the morning to after-school activities. Sit down with your child and build a schedule that also includes specific times for homework and other studies like reading or math. Creating a structure that your child can stick to, but not feel overwhelmed by, is key.

Support and Resources

Some days will be better than others, so it’s important that your child utilize any tools available. Having a support system in place will not only smoothen the transition into the school year, but it should take some stress off of yourself and your child. Whether this support system includes teachers, coaches, tutors, or guidance counselors – everyone’s looks different because everyone has different needs.

Stay Organized

While easier said than done, staying organized (even a little bit) can help on the busiest of days. Whether this means colour coded binders for different school subjects or making a to-do list so you can approach each day head-on. Demands from both school and extracurriculars will pile up as the school season gets underway, so try to stay ahead of the game. Organization will not only help your child succeed academically, but also relieve stress.

Get Your Head in the Game

Children entering the new school year with a learning disability need you as a cheerleader to help give them that extra boost of confidence. Attitude is everything, so start them off on the right foot before school even starts. Chat with them about any concerns they may have, and even bring those concerns to their teacher so everyone is on the same page. Assuring your child that they are supported every step of the way will have them taking the new year by storm.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and best of luck in September!



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