Helpful Applications for Managing Executive Functions

The formal definition of Executive Functions is as follows:

The executive functions are a set of processes that all have to do with managing oneself and one’s resources in order to achieve a goal. It is an umbrella term for the neurologically-based skills involving mental control and self-regulation.

This means that daily tasks such as completing a job, staying organized, or maintaining concentration are all considered executive functions. Individuals who have a learning disability can find these particularly challenging to manage. Thankfully, there are endless applications out there designed to help us stay organized, focused, and on track! 

These are just a few – are any of them on your favourite application list?


Both mobile and desktop friendly, Trello is the perfect app for when it comes to keeping your tasks prioritized and organized. Personalize your task board and use different labels and colours to help identify and manage. Plus, you can also collaborate and share your board with others – great for the working environment, and beyond!


As mentioned in one of our earlier blog posts, keeping notes of ideas or tasks when they pop in your head is a great way to avoid cluttering headspace. Looking for a great note taking app? Enter, Evernote. This app allows you to keep notes, pictures, files – just about anything – all in one place, and syncs to your phone automatically. Then, whenever you need to access something, you can simply keyword search. How easy is that?

Google Drive

Google Drive is a game changer when it comes to staying organized for school or work. Keeping all your presentations, documents, photos, and more in the same location as your email is a life saver. Knowing exactly where all of your content is saves times and maximizes efficiency, keeping stress levels at bay. My favourite part of using Google Drive? I don’t have to worry about memorizing (yet another) password!

Google Keep

This is another great note taking tool for desktop, Android and iOS. You can add notes, audio, lists, and more to Keep. You can assign labels, colours, and other attributes to files making organization a breeze. You can even search all your content by those attributes, as well as keywords. It’s as fun as post it notes, but digital!


Have you ever taken an unexpected 20 minute break to check Facebook or Twitter? Particularly while you’re supposed to be focusing on a school or work task? It happens to the best of us – and SelfControl is the perfect solution. This desktop app for MAC will blacklist whichever websites you find most distracting, blocking access for however long you choose. Avoiding distracting websites will improve time management and help you concentrate on the task at hand.  




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