Taking the step to get yourself or your child assessed is an important part of the process to help those with LDs reach their full potential.  LDANL is always willing to speak to individuals about the assessment process so please feel free to call the office for more information.  With that in mind we have included some information below on the assessment process.

In Newfoundland and Labrador there are two main areas for assessment, within the K-12 School System and through private practice with a registered psychologist who is qualified to carry out comprehensive assessments.

K-12 School System

Assessments area carried out in the K-12 school system by qualified guidance counselors and/or district educational psychologists.  The first step in the process is to meet with your classroom teacher and/or guidance counselor to discuss the referral process that may lead to the completion of the comprehensive assessment.  Guidelines for the assessment process can be found using the link below.

Private Practice

Individuals can seek to obtain assessments from private practice conducted by a registered psychologist who is qualified to carry out educational assessments.  There is a fee associated with private assessments and we encourage individuals with health insurance to check whether their plan covers the assessment.

The following is a list of Psychologists in Newfoundland and Labrador who have indicated that they are available to do assessments on individuals.  This list may be updated from time to time.  You may also check the Association of Psychology Newfoundland and Labrador website. is their searchable listing.  It is edited yearly upon membership renewal, or sooner if members request changes to their profiles during the year.  If you select age range, and then types of assessments, a list of appropriate members should appear.

Florence Strang, Registered Psychologist

I do assessments in my private practice.  I have worked as an Educational Psychologist for over 25 years and have completed hundreds of comprehensive assessments diagnosing Specific Learning Disorders, (Learning Disabilities), Intellectual Disabilities, ADHD, Behavioral Disorders, Mood Disorders and I have been part of the assessment team for Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I have a comprehensive testing library in my private practice and employ 3 other psychologists.  We guarantee that the assessment will be completed within 4 weeks of the initial session, but generally it is completed sooner. Two offices in St. John’s, one on Ladysmith Drive and the other at Hallett Crescent.

Emily Case, Ph.D., R. Psych.

Clinical Psychologist

T: 770-0023

Sophia Slaney (R.psych #119)

I assess individuals ages 9 and up. My business is called “Villa Nova Psychological Services” and I am located in Villa Nova Plaza in Conception Bay South. My phone number is 702-1572. My website will be live within the next two weeks.I am currently accepting clients.

Sheila Byrne (R. Psych #279)

Bay Robert’s Area

Phone: 709.786.7217, ext 258

Fax: 709.786.7040

C3 Collaborative: Dr. Kimberly Maich and Dr. Sharon Penney and Emily Butler


Scott Downey, Registered Psychologist #079


Laura Casey Foss

I work in Corner Brook at Veitch Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre and assess children and adolescents for LD and ADHD. My website is

Laura Casey Foss
Registered Psychologist
Mind Body Psychology

Elizabeth Greene

I do assess for LD in my private practice. I have worked in the public school setting for 34 years. I am trained in Special Education. I’ve held various positions with the school board – regular class, special needs, administration in schools, special services coordinator at the board level and psychologist at board level. I’ve taught primary to high school grades. After retirement I worked at CONA delivering special programs to males & females preparing them for trades and the workforce. I’m in private practice for the last 25 + years.

Kimberly Maich


I can work with children or adults. I am in the St. John’s area but will be doing assessments in St. Anthony during July and August.

Kimberly Maich, PhD, R Psych (Provisional), OCT, BCBA-D

Registered Psychologist (Provisional)

Owner & Clinician

Exceptionally Yours Educational Services

Skype: kimberly.maich
Twitter: kimberlymaich

Angela Wilmott, R.Psych.

School Counsellor

Lewisporte Collegiate

P.O. Box 250

Lewisporte, NL  A0G 3A0

(709) 535-6929 (p)

(709) 535-2356 (f)

located in Lewisporte.

Amanda Heslop
Office Manager
Central Counselling & Assessment Services Inc.
t: 709-256-4420

LD assessments age range is 7+.

Dr. Janine Hubbard

St. John’s 682-0235 or

ages pre-school to University age

Lorraine M. Dicks Ph.D

Psychologist III

Mental Health and Addictions EH

Assistant Professor

SWCC Memorial University

709-777-7327 (office)

709-777-7004 (fax)

Adult assessment for LD and ADHD

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